What’s in a baby poop?

What’s this? An invitation to discuss poop? And I have a baby? Do you not know moms of infants? I can hardly spend a day without talking about poop. And familiarity has not bred contempt for the poopy diaper. They say that diapers are not as gross when it’s your own child, but I have […]

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It’s Time

I had an unpleasant realization the other day. My friend Kerri Ann came over so I could sign her kids’ passport applications, and I was excited to fill out forms. That’s it. I need to go back to work. Part of it is that the summer is waning and as someone who spent roughly twenty […]

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Who’s copying who?

Hannah’s turned into a great eater. And before you think that this blog has degenerated into self-satisfied mommydom where I list off her preferred foods and tell you how cute it is when she can’t quite get something in her mouth (sweet potato, chicken and avocado, and the self-feeding thing IS hilarious) stick with me. […]

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Human Nature

There have been a couple of articles lately that have given me pause because of their poor interpretation of human nature. I can be a misanthrope with the best of them, and certainly living in the reactionary-right-wing bastion of Canada, at the end of the Bush years and soon after the G20, does nothing to […]

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Oh, the science gods are smiling on me today. No, I have not finished THE EXPERIMENT THAT WILL NOT DIE, but it’s getting there. And no, I have not found a new job. Stop asking. No, it’s even better. Someone high up provided me with an opportunity to indulge that smug instinct present in all […]

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