Canada’s Greatest Know It All Episode Three: Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Episode three was a blast to shoot. The day of the bridge building challenge the weather was boiling hot and we spent it at the beach, pure heaven. But for one thing. Up until we were actually shooting, we weren’t allowed near the water. Now I’m a northern girl and living on the prairies we […]

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Canada’s Greatest Know It All Episode Two: Something Over-Educated This Way Comes

The second episode aired on Monday and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, but mostly enjoyed spending the commercials tweeting, texting, facebooking, and neglecting my family. Hannah rewarded my self-involvement with studious dismissal. The show came on, she saw me, and said “that looks like you, mommy!” Then she went back to playing with her puzzles […]

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Let’s keep the conversation going!

I love that blogging allows people from all over to engage in difficult conversations. I received a great comment on the post Vaccine Inanity AGAIN that I want to share, and as I started replying to it, I realized that I had so much to say that it deserved its own post. Here’s the comment […]

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Episode One: The Pedant Menace

There’s a reason the show is called Canada’s Greatest Know It All – because it is filled with people who can’t keep their mouths shut and opinions to themselves, myself included. All the more reason that Daniel’s tough love approach to wrangling was hard to take. It was wonderful to watch the premier and let […]

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Vaccine Inanity AGAIN

This afternoon my sister sent me this graphic, which a colleague of hers had posted on Facebook. I have seen ones like it quite a few times and unlike my earlier posts where I talked about the general role of scepticism in issues around vaccines, for this I took the time to look into the […]

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With friends like these…..

Two more sleeps and I finally get to see what Canada’s Greatest Know It All is going to look like. Then it’s all ceaseless teasing and “You think you’re smart? Huh? Can you do this?” Strangely though friends and family have been quite supportive. Even my dad, who was not that keen on the idea, […]

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Calm Before the Storm

For Christmas this year we went to Invermere. No extended family, no visiting, no schedules, just we three. It was a sweet moment of respite before the storm. This semester the I’m winding down my day job, I have two sections at Mount Royal, the show starts, and oh, I’m starting my own consulting business. […]

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WTF was I thinking.

It’s New Year’s Eve and a time to reflect on the year in passing. This has been an incredible year for the Mommiologist household, not for the least reason that my little girl finally potty trained. It’s the weirdest experience that I can finally talk about. Last summer I was one of ten contestants on […]

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Potty trained at last, potty trained at last, thank God Almighty, potty trained at last.

I’m so sorry Dr. King. But seriously, when I finally realized that we would no longer be throwing out POUNDS of diapers, with their fecal matter, plastic, cotton and that weird gel stuff in the middle, it was pure elation. It was a long road, but Hannah is finally potty trained. True to form, my […]

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Numeracy and the National Post

The National Post declined to run my little editorial, so Imma gonna share it with you all: Last week the National Post ran an article by Joe O’Connor where he argued that couples who don’t have children are selfish. It certainly generated a lot of mail, and I imagine that was the point of running […]

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