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Human Nature

I perennially run across ideas that make me nuts. I was going to write about what constitutes good evidence (as in “both sides of the vaccine issue have their evidence” when in actuality – one side does not), but got thinking about something more fundamental: what’s the nature of humanity? Here’s a question: if I […]

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Calm Before the Storm

For Christmas this year we went to Invermere. No extended family, no visiting, no schedules, just we three. It was a sweet moment of respite before the storm. This semester the I’m winding down my day job, I have two sections at Mount Royal, the show starts, and oh, I’m starting my own consulting business. […]

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Numeracy and the National Post

The National Post declined to run my little editorial, so Imma gonna share it with you all: Last week the National Post ran an article by Joe O’Connor where he argued that couples who don’t have children are selfish. It certainly generated a lot of mail, and I imagine that was the point of running […]

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HPV Calgary

As you may have heard, if you’ve been in my vicinity over the last couple of months, the Calgary Catholic School Board has decided that they will not allow the HPV vaccine to be provided to their students within the school. And that, my friends, makes me suspect that despite the election of Canada’s coolest […]

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Colour Queen

Hannah LOVES to colour. I love that she loves to colour. I don’t love that she loves to colour everything – the carpet, the television….. Turns out even the washable markers do not come out of carpet. So we got some of those Crayola markers that don’t make a mark unless on the special paper. […]

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This first dreamy year of Hannah’s life is drawing to a close. I have, against my strong protestations, taken another postdoc. I am reminded of my friend Neil, the day that I insisted to him that Science and I were through, protesting that Science is like a mean boyfriend. You catch him in bed with […]

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You might be wondering where I’ve been lately – at least, I hope my blogging absence has been noted by someone! I have been working, every night, for free, on the EXPERIMENT THAT WILL NOT DIE. They don’t tell you, when you decide to become a scientist, that occasionally the rules of nature are suspended […]

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So Proud

I always knew that the greatest thing about being a parent is watching your child turn into a little person, someone with their own likes and dislikes, and strange quirks that are reminiscent of yourself or your partner. Hannah has always been such a sweet and charming baby that it’s been easy to characterize her […]

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Who’s copying who?

Hannah’s turned into a great eater. And before you think that this blog has degenerated into self-satisfied mommydom where I list off her preferred foods and tell you how cute it is when she can’t quite get something in her mouth (sweet potato, chicken and avocado, and the self-feeding thing IS hilarious) stick with me. […]

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Human Nature

There have been a couple of articles lately that have given me pause because of their poor interpretation of human nature. I can be a misanthrope with the best of them, and certainly living in the reactionary-right-wing bastion of Canada, at the end of the Bush years and soon after the G20, does nothing to […]

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