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Education and the Status of Women. And OMG my Baby is Grown Up and Leaving Me.

Tomorrow I will walk my daughter out my back door to her highly rated elementary school for the first time. I’ve been so excited for this day, more excited than she is. For me, school was such a joy, and I loved exploring the world so much, I stayed in it for 24 years. I hope that she finds the same inspiration, fun and support that I did. I hope I hope I hope.

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Branching Out

So, as I start my new little venture, trying to make a fortune bringing science to the people (wish me luck on that) I’ve been continuing my work schmoozing and boozing. I’m volunteering for a conference here in Calgary at the end of May, called Pathways 2 Sustainability, and if you’re in the Calgary area […]

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Wasn’t one of my New Year’s Resolutions to keep up with my blog? Oh wait, no, it was to lose weight. So that’s two fails…… However, I have just come off of a GRAND ADVENTURE to which I will allude but not explain for another 6 months. And no I’m not pregnant. Stop asking. You […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

As the holidays wind to a close, and I finish off a Bernard Callebaut white chocolate snowman, I’m starting to think about how I can undo the damage of the holiday season. Don’t all mommy blogs have to have an article or two on losing the baby weight/having more time for you/reclaiming lost youth and […]

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Today’s Parent – Pick Me! Pick Me!

Hello, Today’s Parent. My name is the Mommiologist and this is my audition for a featured blog. Is this thing on? Motherhood is a beautiful, disgusting, hilarious, difficult and rewarding experience. On the one hand, I have been pooped on, spat on, coughed up on, cried on, hit, kicked, and puked on. I have teared […]

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Data mining taught her to say “shut up”?

Hannah is an extraordinarily chatty girl. She talked before crawling, before walking, and while other toddlers gleefully climb the apparatuses at the playground Hannah’s content to go up and down a ramp, and tell you all about it. She’s a talker, not a fighter. It’s remarkably entertaining – she is constantly coming up with new […]

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werk werk werk

I was going to start this post with “why didn’t anyone tell me how exhausting it is to be a working mother?” when really, people say it all the time. Sadly it’s not one of those truisms that’s diminished by repetition. I went back to work almost exactly a year ago and have done two […]

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Return of the mommiologist

It’s been a long long hiatus from blogging from me, and not one that has gone unmourned. I miss my blog. I also miss the following things: free time, respiratory health, exercise, the ability to schedule my time, and decent home cooked meals. I have returned to work, and I never realized how loony it […]

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It’s been a stressful month as I move back to work. Typically, my nerdy response to stress is to become nerdier, so with that in mind I just read “Decoding the Universe: How the New Science of Information is Explaining Everything in the Cosmos, From Our Brains to Black Holes” by Charles Seife. It was […]

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