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Atheism and all that.

It’s been a difficult week. This day last week I was giggling over some funny conversation with my sister, when my friend Jaime asked whether I had seen the news. I got a familiar sinking feeling that something horrible had happened, and I was right. I almost cried reading that an eight year old boy […]

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Are Humans Getting Dumber?

Reality television would suggest that people are getting dumber, my recent foray into the genre excepted, of course. In general, I’ve found that it is a postmodern anthem to talk about the disappointments and failures of humanity. A friend, Douglas Hicton of Canada’s Greatest Know It All AND Jeopardy fame, recently showed me this article. […]

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Let’s keep the conversation going!

I love that blogging allows people from all over to engage in difficult conversations. I received a great comment on the post Vaccine Inanity AGAIN that I want to share, and as I started replying to it, I realized that I had so much to say that it deserved its own post. Here’s the comment […]

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Vaccine Inanity AGAIN

This afternoon my sister sent me this graphic, which a colleague of hers had posted on Facebook. I have seen ones like it quite a few times and unlike my earlier posts where I talked about the general role of scepticism in issues around vaccines, for this I took the time to look into the […]

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