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Education and the Status of Women. And OMG my Baby is Grown Up and Leaving Me.

Tomorrow I will walk my daughter out my back door to her highly rated elementary school for the first time. I’ve been so excited for this day, more excited than she is. For me, school was such a joy, and I loved exploring the world so much, I stayed in it for 24 years. I hope that she finds the same inspiration, fun and support that I did. I hope I hope I hope.

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Potty trained at last, potty trained at last, thank God Almighty, potty trained at last.

I’m so sorry Dr. King. But seriously, when I finally realized that we would no longer be throwing out POUNDS of diapers, with their fecal matter, plastic, cotton and that weird gel stuff in the middle, it was pure elation. It was a long road, but Hannah is finally potty trained. True to form, my […]

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The Microbiome of Pregnancy

I have quite a few friends having babies right now, and as my facebook feed fills up with adorable baby pictures, I’m turning to reminders of pregnancy to help decide if this is REALLY something I want to do again. Jury’s out. BUT, there was a fascinating paper that just came out in Cell talking […]

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You Might Think It’s Funny, But It’s Snot – The Microbiome

I’ve been asked to tell some disgusting stories from the trenches – almost literally, our lab is in a very neglected basement – of microbiological research. I’m not emotionally prepared to talk about the soggy, dead rat that I pulled out of our broken down and moldy -80 freezer, so instead I’m going to start […]

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Skepticism and vaccines

If there were anything I could do as a scientist, it would be to clarify the role of skepticism. I’m a big believer in skepticism. I truly believe that it is the responsibility of every citizen in this society to clearly examine their opinions and decisions of our day to day lives. The things we […]

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Morning Sickness

I was one of those women who was convinced that motherhood would be a dreamy time of watching my body do its natural, beautiful thing. In actuality, it was 9 months of nausea, swollen feet and carpal tunnel syndrome. If there was a possible weird pregnancy symptom, I had it (except for hemorrhoids, I hasten […]

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What’s in a baby poop?

What’s this? An invitation to discuss poop? And I have a baby? Do you not know moms of infants? I can hardly spend a day without talking about poop. And familiarity has not bred contempt for the poopy diaper. They say that diapers are not as gross when it’s your own child, but I have […]

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Who’s copying who?

Hannah’s turned into a great eater. And before you think that this blog has degenerated into self-satisfied mommydom where I list off her preferred foods and tell you how cute it is when she can’t quite get something in her mouth (sweet potato, chicken and avocado, and the self-feeding thing IS hilarious) stick with me. […]

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